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Rediscover yourself on a whole new spiritual level. Our retreats are created to help gather souls who are on an important mission. Our retreats will be held in 2-3 different countries each year, depending on availability and demand. We primarily focus on hosting retreats in countries that are in need of Lightworkers coming to full force to offer their services in grid work by healing the planet and connecting with Mother Nature simultaneously. Perhaps you're ready to embark on a new healing journey, maybe you are confused on how or where to start. Or maybe you are needing to heal from a past traumatic experience and there are still energy blockages that is restraining you to move physically, emotionally and mentally forward. By attending our retreats, we will ensure you will receive the ultimate healing and proper guidance to live a more fulfilling life. You will be surrounded by a community that offers you balance, guidance, wisdom, and a feeling of belonging, a perfect time to be in unity. It is time to create a whole new version of yourself. If you feel that you are being called to attend any of our unique spiritual retreats, check out our itineraries and visualize which country you feel you are being called to start your journey to empowerment.

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EGYPT October 16th - 30th 2024

14 day/night lodging on sleeper boat + local hotels




Please note that this package will provide various lodging due to visiting multiple cities.

Price includes: 14 day stay, meals 3 x daily, all transportation - airport pick up/drop off, rides to local attractions/dining/shopping, entry for all temples and Pyramid visits, and all gratuity (FOOD & TRANSPORTATION). PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE AIRFARE.

$1200 deposit required to secure space. $2,800 balance due 72 hours prior to retreat.

Deposit refundable within 14 days of payment. There are no refunds or cancellations after 2
weeks of reserving space. Visa/Mastercard, AMEX, or Venmo payments are accepted.

Must meet 10 people minimum requirement. Booking price is based on individual/per person rate. Maximum 20 people allowed per retreat.

No persons under 18 is allowed. Adults only. Smoking/drugs are completely prohibited on all accommodations provided by Tayeb Hassan from T.H.E. Transportation.

No refunds, cancellations or substitutes. Payment plan is available. Travel package must be paid in full prior to embarking our retreat. Send inquiries to: to request purchase payment plan.

NO CANCELLATIONS: please plan accordingly as there are no cancellations unless we need to change/cancel retreat due to extreme weather conditions.


SICILY September 2025

14 day/night lodging at local hotels


Itinerary coming soon



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