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Here you will find a list of recommended website links, articles, blogs, and brand of products that are directly related to living a healthy, holistic lifestyle. We strive to educate and inform those individuals who are seeking to reform their health by providing information based on the knowledge we've received from our fellow holistic providers.  

Organic Fruits and Vegetables

How fasting can reset your health

Discover the health perks of fasting and how to start your fast.

Meditating on Bed

What does ascension mean to you?

Navigating the New Earth energies. An online detailed guide to help you understand the changes our earth has endured the past few years and how spiritual symptoms affects your body while our planet is purging.

Screenshot 2023-12-19 at 09-26-08 (8) Imi's Bigan Yoga - YouTube.png

Bigan Yoga and its benefits

Bigan Yoga, a simple, yet an effective exercise regimen based on Japanese holistic practices. Bigan Yoga exercises helps drain unwanted toxins from the lymphatic system, release muscle tension, and improve sleep quality by combining yoga, stretches, aerobics and dance movements. Learn more about Bigan Yoga via Imi's Bigan Yoga Youtube Channel:

Bamboo Spa Pool

New Earth, New You, Now What?

Now that you're awakened, what are the signs of proceeding to the New Earth? Read article below on how to prepare yourself for the New Earth.

Autumn Mood

The power of frequency healing

Did you know that you can heal the body with frequency healing? By following the right techniques, you have the power to heal unbalanced energies inside your body. Read more about how frequency healing can improve your quality of life.

Buddha Statue

Detoxing From Vaccines

If you've been recently vaccinated the past few years and experiencing the toxic effects of the vaccines, this is an important article to read on how to detox your body from these toxins for children and adults. The body has the ability to heal itself when appropriate homeopathic measures are taking into consideration by seeking advice from a reputable naturopathic practitioner.

Gua Sha Massage

Gua Sha Healing Techniques 

Acutherapy for face & body. How to properly use your Gua Sha Tool and learn how it can slim and tone your face.

Purchase a Gua Sha tool & massage aromatherapy oil

Salts Massage

Celtic Sea Salt For Magnesium Deficiency 

Celtic salt, an inexpensive mineral is packed with electrolytes like sodium, potassium, and magnesium. Magnesium is essential for the body because it balances body fluid levels, restores the nervous system, and soothes sore muscles.

black seed oil.jpg

Adding Organic Black Seed Oil to your diet

Thanks to social media, you've probably watched the latest trends regarding adding organic black seed oil to your diet. Here is an article offering an overview on the benefits of adding it to your daily health care regimen.

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