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The Green Alchemist started with a woman who had a vision of combining her love for nature by utilizing these elements to create unique, handmade cosmetics for individuals, like herself that appreciates natural made items. Cinzia Accardi grew up in a household where holistic health care started from within. From planting the seeds on their 5-acre rural home to creating healthy, delicious dishes, there was an idea that sparked inside her mind that would grow into creating her own cosmetic product line, learning from her ancestors to enjoy the natural beauty elements that surrounds us.

In 1998, The Accardi Family planted grape vines, various fruit trees, and fresh herbs. Accardi Vineyards was launched in 2002, offering sulfate - free, natural fermented wines. The Accardi Family became the first winery to launch in their hometown, Vacaville, located 20 miles away from the Napa Valley. The Accardi Family became actively involved in a variety of community events throughout the year, from participating at their local Farmer's Markets to wine tasting competitions and charity events throughout the Sacramento Valley and San Francisco Bay Area.


In 2008 Cinzia and her family launched Accardi's Cafe and Wine Bar. Accardi's was the first Italian restaurant to offer farm-to-table dishes to the public in their county. The dishes that were cooked and served to their beloved customers, primarily made with ingredients grown on their farm. It was a successful venture; however, the family decided to primarily focus on the growth of their farm and Accardi's eventually closed their doors in 2011.

During her employment at the restaurant, Cinzia had this strong urge to launch her cosmetic line. She envisioned a vast number of ideas in her head of the types of products she wanted to create, eventually leading her to launch Green Visions. Green Visions was a name that came from 'always seeing things with green', according to Cinzia. Green was a color that possessed positive energies. Green was the color that came from the heart for her, after-all it was the main color that represents the heart chakra area, as well as her love for nature. Cinzia carefully thought of unique formulas, having the desire to continue to add to her family roots, and drawing up ideas on how to utilize her family's farm to coincide with her organic and natural formulated cosmetic line.


Finally, after months of brainstorming, in 2010, Cinzia launched a bath & body line called, Wine Spa Essentials, obviously influenced by her family's vineyard. She created a variety of wine scented cosmetics such as lotions, sugar scrubs, body oils, shower gels, and perfume body sprays. Each of these products had their own unique wine scent, that was created with organic and natural ingredients, made in small fresh batches, and packaged in green and purple containers to continue the wine theory behind the products. Shortly after she created the Wine & Berries skin care line, an aromatherapy cosmetic line was formulated with a wide variety of essential oil blends.

Cinzia sold her products inside her family's gift shop area at their restaurant, receiving raving reviews, and repeating buyers. Shortly after that she decided to create her first online website, followed with the launch of her Etsy Shop. Etsy was a huge marketing platform that offered a place for talented artists to showcase their handmade goods from all over the world. Cinzia credits Etsy for her broad range of clients, receiving many 5-star reviews and repeated clientèle.


Cinzia also participated in various community events, partnering with many spas, salons, boutiques, and health care establishments to help launch her wine-based products to the public. The Wine Spa Essentials name became a household name for many of the ladies in her community, also gaining worldwide recognition from her website and Etsy clients.


In January 2024, The Green Alchemist launched a unique product line of aromatherapy made cosmetics, dedicated for her love of ancient Egypt perfumery. During her trip to Egypt in October and November 2022, Cinzia discovered the creation of various types of ancient exotic perfumes by the Egyptians, utilizing the formulation in her products that you will find on this website for you to experience quality luxury products delivered to your home. 

For Cinzia, the meaning behind the creation of The Green Alchemist is recognized as infinite abundance, manifestation, self-growth, change, movement, freedom, and travel, all things that were established by her Sicilian grandmother upon arriving on United States soil. After moving to the United States to pursue of living the ‘American Dream’ in the early 1970's, Francesca received a job offer at Avon Cosmetics manufacturing facility in Morton Grove, Illinois, where she worked many long hours at their warehouse production line, retiring after working for over 35 years with the company. Francesca would often mail the latest make-up trends to Cinzia and her mother, where Cinzia would find herself mixing and applying blue, pink, and purple 1980's inspired make-up trends with her neighborhood friends. 

During her spare time, Cinzia enjoys spending quality time with her mother, the mastermind behind the homemade dishes, traveling and exploring different countries, meeting and discovering life with her soul family across the globe, maintaining a holistic lifestyle, raising her German Short-haired Pointer Dogs, Stella and Toby, foodie enthusiast, spending time and taking photographs of nature, environmentalist, music, and learning about various cultures.

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