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Use our Herbal Hair Fusion Serum daily to protect locks from drying and give your hair the ultimate shine. Argan, Avocado, Broccoli Seed, Jojoba, and Olive Oils all superior sources of antioxidants, nourishes hair from the environment, high in Omega 3 and Omega 9 unsaturated fatty acids, providing a boost of vitamin E, and moisturize and keep hair shiny and healthy. Organic botanicals are added to strengthen and protect hair from excessive use of heated styling tools.


Geranium, Tea Tree and Rosemary oil blends helps reduce the appearance of dandruff and hair loss associated with dry scalp, while stopping itching and pain, and promotes healthy hair growth. 


Sizes available: .50 oz, 2 oz, Half Gallon, or Gallon sizes

Herbal Hair Fusion Serum

  • After shampooing and conditioning, apply a small amount of serum onto palms, massage thoroughly onto damp hair. Comb and style hair as usual.

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