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Our Cellulite Scrubby Loofah Bar Soaps are created with natural loofah, purple Brazilian clay, organic Mango oil and Rose Hip Seed oils, and our cellulite essential oil blends that offers a gentle and effective way to enhance your skin's appearance. Although cellulite appearance can be played by various factors such as genetics, hormones and stress, this unique soap can help manage to help fade the appearance of cellulite and circulates the body.


Purple Brazilian clay, a type of clay that is mined from the earth in Brazil, particularly in the areas of Minas Gerais and Bahia and used for centuries by the indigenous people of South America for its various health and beauty benefits. It is also used to help those with sensitive skin types, reduces inflammation and derives toxins from the body.


Mango butter and Rose hip seed oil in conjunction reduces the formation of the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks, and wrinkles, boost collagen formation, high in Vitamin C, protects against sun damage, and helps repair dry and damaged skin.


Our Cellulite Scrubby Soap is made with a blend of Juniper, Basil, Blue Cypress, Lavender and Pink Grapefruit essential oils to help aid to tighten and tone the skin, rid the body of toxins, and gently exfoliates the skin.


Available in 4 oz retail or wholesale sizes (case qty 6, 12, or 24).

Cellulite Scrubby Loofah Bar Soap

  • Wet skin, slowly apply soap onto face and body and massage into circular motion, carefully avoiding the eyes, nose, and mouth areas.

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