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Pamper yourself with our 2 oz Botanical Face and Body Wash Trio Set, perfect for your daily self-care routine. Each bottle is filled with our handmade aromatherapy ingredients, designed to nourish and rejuvenate your skin. With a blend of natural botanicals and essential oils, this set offers a luxurious and soothing experience for both your face and body. The compact size makes it perfect for travel or to try out different scents before committing to a larger size. Treat yourself to the ultimate spa experience with our Botanical Face and Body Wash Trio Set.


Each box contains one scent each:


1. Good Morning - blended with an energizing mix of Peppermint, Clementine, Coriander Seed, Basil, Yuzu, Lime, Rosemary, and Vanilla C02 essential oils.


2. Seaside - blend of therapeutic essential oils of Coconut, Sandalwood, Tangerine, Lavender, Damiana, and Juniper Berry, created to inspire beachy vibes .


3. Spring Garden - enriched with a blend of spring floral notes of lemon, violet, lavender, chamomile, iris, and jasmine.


Trio Set is gift wrapped inside a kraft themed gift box and free personalized message handwritten on a card. Please add during checkout. Please note that each box may contain a different design due to availability during the seasons.


2 oz Botanical Face and Body Wash Trio Set

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