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Do you need insight in regards to your current location? What blockages do you need to sort out? Are you feeling unstable financially, emotionally, spiritually? The Mapquest Tarot Reading is a detailed unique approach that I created to help you figure out if you and your current location are a perfect match. Your current location based on your area/zip codes will help determine your overall blockages in your life that is preventing you from having successful relationships/groups, job promotions, etc.


Once payment clears you will receive confirmation of payment and you will receive your email reading via Word.doc or PDF as file attachment. All email readings will contain images of the cards specifically chosen for you with detailed answers to your question (s).


Email reading ETA for Mapquest 3 Card Readings: 24 - 72 hours.


Emails: Please ensure to provide a valid email address. We are not responsible for lost emails. Check spam folder settings.


Disclaimer: All services are for spiritual growth, guidance, and entertainment purposes. They are not intended to replace legal, medical, financial, and psychological treatments.


Refunds: once payment is made and readings are emailed, there are absolutely no REFUNDS given.


Please note: All readings are confidential. Your information is never displayed with anyone. We will not use or sell your information. 

Mapquest Tarot Reading

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