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Indulge in our luxurious handcrafted Honey Almond Gift Set. This gift set includes a Honey Almond Walnut Cream Body Scrub, Honey Almond Whipped Body Cream, Honey Almond Bath and Shower Gel, Turmeric Honey Bar Soap, and Honey Pot Flavored Lip Balm, all made with carefully selected handmade organic ingredients.


Honey Almond Walnut Body Scrub gently exfoliates and softens the skin, while the Honey Almond Whipped Body Cream provides long-lasting moisture. The Honey Almond Bath and Shower Gel transforms any bath into a spa-like experience with its bold scent of a sweet, nutty, intense aroma of almonds reminiscent of marzipan and almond extract, with strong notes of cherry.


Our Turmeric Honey soap and Honey Pot Lip Balms are are filled with an extreme amount of anti-oxidants, rich and creamy texture that will leave your skin feeling soft, cleansed, and hydrated.


Each box contains:


2 oz Honey Almond Whipped Body Cream

2 oz Honey Almond Walnut Cream Scrub

2 oz Honey Almond Bath & Shower Gel

2 oz Turmeric Honey Bar Soap

1 oz Honey Pot Lip Balm


Gift Set is placed inside themed gift box and free personalized message handwritten on a card. Please add notes during checkout. Please note that each box may contain a different design due to availability during the seasons.

Honey Almond Travel Size Gift Set

  • Whipped Body Lotion: After cleansing and toning face in the morning, apply moisturizer onto clean, dry skin. Apply onto face and body by massaging in circular motion. May be worn alone or underneath makeup.

    Walnut Cream Scrub: Use small dollop in a circular fashion on face and/or body for gentle exfoliation. Can use with fingertips or with cloth. Rinse off with warm water. Can be washed off with a cleanser or simply pat skin dry and follow with one of our toners, serums, or moisturizers. Avoid use on cuts, sunburned, and freshly shaved skin. Caution when using scrub which may cause slippery tub.

    Bath & Shower Gel: Apply to wet skin and massage with sponge. Rinse thoroughly, avoiding eyes. To use as bath, pour tablespoon amount under warm running water.

    Turmeric Honey Bar Soap: Wet skin, slowly apply soap onto face and body and massage into circular motion, carefully avoiding the eyes, nose, and mouth areas.

    Lip Balm: Pull of cap, twist bottom of tub to use product. Apply onto clean, dry lips.

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